What Should be Considered in the Cafe and Restaurant Decoration?

Cafe and restaurants should be able to compete with decorations as well as menus and service quality.

Correct design for customer loyalty requires expertise. Businesses that choose the right decor can get in front of their competitors. But many businesses that offer very tasty food at reasonable prices may suffer from faulty decorations. Firstly, a correct project should be prepared by identifying the target customer groups within the conceptual framework. Retro, modern, rustic, classic … The common share of the new generation of cafes is especially the comfort, home warmth and quality of the atmosphere.

Here are some suggestions for cafe and restaurant design from Turkish furniture producers and designers:

  • Cafe design should create a design that will make the customers in different personalities feel comfortable at the same time. According to the location, customer profile should be determined correctly and indoor decoration should be arranged according to this.
  • Furniture preferences that can be appealed according to different consumer demands in the same space. It is preferable to have 1 or 2 long rectangular tables that allow meetings and special celebrations. These tables should be located at the point where the light intensity is greater.
  • Small libraries can be used to enhance the decor. You can position single seats, which are often preferred in home decor and designed as reading compartments, under the appliqués.
  • Colors are also very important in cafe and restaurant decoration. When the customers enter the cafe and the colors they see are the first impression about the cafe. Brown, chestnut, green and blue tones are the most preferred cafe decoration colors. You can use these colors in your furniture and decorative products.
  • You can use wall ornaments, plants, tables, mirrors to catch the trend of the house concept, especially create a new generation cafés and restaurants.

With its innovative solutions, the Turkish furniture sector continues to be the leader of restaurant and cafe designs all over the world. You can communicate with our Turkish furniture manufacturer and designer teams for correct and high quality restaurant and cafe designs.

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