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Critical Importance of Store Design in Retail Chains

Aesthetics of your store decoration is an important factor that increases sales. The right store design should be built on customer experience. Implementing your design details and rules in all your store chains is an important factor for institutionalization.

Factors such as colors used in the store, music, product lineup, customer comfort affect the customer’s tendency to purchase. For this reason, the concept of indoor and outdoor space of your store should be emphasized.


The design of the store is not only important to increase sales, but also to increase customer loyalty. Brand loyalty that increasing sales and profit is the most important factor that will enable the company to grow. While the interior design of the store is being planned, the concept of retailing has started to be considered in recent years. Concept store designs are not only important for highlight products on the shelf, but also for creating a brand perception. The right store design allows the customer to live “love at first sight”.


The right materials, the right quality, the right colors, the right light, the place designed with the right ambiance, affect the customer’s shopping psychology. The lighting in the stores should not be left to the end of the design process, it must be added to the design fiction. Shelf systems, storage cabinets, presentation equipment, decorations, and accessories should be placed in the area with a holistic fiction. At the same time, it is also important for the customer to feel peaceful in the store.

Today, retail store chain designs developed by Turkish furniture and project producers are mentioned in every corner of the world. Turkish furniture and project producers, who created successful brands in the retail sector, have reached a good point in also store designs.

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