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Furniteca performs a wide range of operations from large hotels to small retailers; from schools to boutique restaurants specializing in furniture, wood, metal and interior design.

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Feminine and Masculine Designs

The areas we live in are places that reflect our inner world. Every choice reflects our personality. The most obvious example of this is feminine and masked choices in decorations. Changes in your space can shape your experience.
There are two different types of design. These designs are feminine designs and masculine designs. In fact, feminine design takes place in our lives as a kind we know for a very long time. The most obvious details of feminine design are; furniture without sharp corners, flying tuller and the dominance of soft colors. It is possible to encounter nostalgic pieces combined with laces. Bright colors and soft fabrics are used. Encountering the traces of women in decorations creates a peaceful effect.

Masculine design has much more different features. The spaces with masculine design are much simpler but functional. Masculine design does not include much detune, exaggeration and sucess. Masculine design frequently shows itself in modern spaces today. It is possible to encounter modern furnishings and simpler decoration style. Avangard furniture can be used but the items need not be very ornate. In this type of furniture dark colors and sharp lines are preferred.The place has a matt tone and a clear atmosphere. Neither masculine design nor feminine design is exclusive to women.

It is also possible to take advantage of the romantic touch of feminine design, or to benefit from the authoritarian power of masculine design.

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