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Furniteca performs a wide range of operations from large hotels to small retailers; from schools to boutique restaurants specializing in furniture, wood, metal and interior design.

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Hotel Furniture Design: Modern and Luxurious

Hotel furniture must be luxurious and modern to attract customers. For customers, it must be both appealing and comfortable. It should be emphasized that furniture is comfortable when it is bought.  These areas must be large and wide.

The furniture for the hotel are divided into two. The goods to be used in the hotel room are the ones to be used in the hotel lobby. Appearance is important in both of them. The furniture used in the hotel lobby, the sofa sets for the waiting rooms, the tables, the dining table for the dining room, and the chairs are among the most important items. It is produced for the convenience of all customers. The carpets, the sofa sets, and the curtains will provide a harmony that is in harmony. We have the opportunity to choose from the simplest models to the most luxurious models.

Bed, comedy, mirrored dresser, wardrobe, puff are among the essential items for the hotel room. The customer is provided with the largest and most storage space for luggage and supplies. Some luxury rooms also include details such as sofa sets and coffee tables. The customer should be decorated in consideration of every need. Thus, customer satisfaction is gained. Bedding can be single or double.

Hotel furniture must be easily erasable and cleanable. Light colors are preferred rather than dark colors. Among the accessories that can be added to the room are lampshade, table, decor pillows and mirror. According to the luxury of the room, the number and quality of the goods are increasing. Especially for the businessmen, the work table is added to the most luxurious room and the needs of the customers are eliminated.

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