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Furniteca performs a wide range of operations from large hotels to small retailers; from schools to boutique restaurants specializing in furniture, wood, metal and interior design.

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Hotel Lobby Decorations

For a hotel, lobby decoration is undoubtedly very important. The lobby is the first area welcomed by guests. This is the first area where the hotel and services are created a corporate perception. Therefore, the decoration must be treated with precision.

The quality of the lobby decoration gives the hotel guests a sense of confidence. In human intensive services like hospitality, quality should be the most important criteria when all other emotions, perceptions, and expectations are made on the feeling of trust.

The lobbies of the hotel must have a unique style and identity. At the beginning of the most preferred hotel lobby designs are transparent designs. These designs, which are heavily used in glassware, are extremely modern and stylish, while the quality perception results in high results.

Lobster enlightenment is the most used place in the whole hotel. It is very important in terms of the effect that guests will leave the sensation that the same lightness continues when daylight enters.

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