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The Importance of Lighting and Decoration Factors in Mall Design

What should be taken into account when creating shopping malls design and fit out? How does lighting affect mall visitors? What are the effects of lighting and decoration on shopping malls? What are the effects of daylight on the mall visitors?


The lighting schemes for the shopping malls need to create an attractive and shopping encouraging environment and shopfitting that balances the daylight. According to the shopping center’s new design strategy, it is very important to create a lighting concept on the shop window in the traditional sense. Lighting is also used to make colors and textures stronger, as well as to provide highlighting to display windows.

Ceiling lamps give the store identity to the foreground. A brighter, more attractive and interactive shopping environment and shopfitting are created through the clearer display of products via special objects used in lighting. First of all, customers need to see and find the product easily.


True decoration lighting will enable people to go to more shopping malls and spend more time there. The main purpose of lighting is to attract people into shopping malls. First of all, The MALLs should provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for all customers.

When we look at the products in the foreground in recent times, we see decorations where natural materials are used and the products that relate to nature are used in mall fit out. It became important to create a natural environment using yellow light, the natural bosoms of trees and unite the fragrance naturally.

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