Why Should We Live in a Turkish Wooden House?

Wooden houses are one of the most popular house models from the first day when the architect began to form. The most important reason for this is that wood is a material from nature and creates a wonderful aesthetic thanks to the texture of the tree. Turkish wooden materials, which are frequently used today in modern constructions, have many advantages in addition to their aesthetic appearance.

The most important of these advantages is that the wood is an organic material and therefore much more durable and compatible with environmental and natural conditions. Another unique advantage is that the wood is a natural material, creating breathing structures so it provides us much healthier living space.

1- It is made from natural materials from Turkey
Wood is a natural material that has the feature of being renewable. Over time, old and worn parts are replaced.

2- Suitable for all settlements
Wooden structures are not only used in rural areas but also can use in coastal areas, in plateaus, in mountainous areas.

3- Stylish and modern appearance
Especially lovers of nature prefer as a second home. It creates a harmonious look with its geography and it looks aesthetic.

4- Longest lifespan structure
Turkish wooden houses have a longer usage time than the concrete house. The only need for these houses is regular maintenance.

5- Earthquake safe
Turkish wooden houses are 30% lighter and more flexible than concrete houses. It is the most suitable type of building especially for earthquake zones.

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