Sales Effect of Store Decoration and Retail Fit Out

Special design methods that will make your guests feel better and stimulate their purchases are an important issue for interior designers and marketers. What should be the sales-oriented store decoration? How does store design affect sales? What should be considered in the decoration of the store? You can find the answers to all these questions in this article.

1) Say to Hello to Your Guests with Your Top Products

The successful store decorations highlight the product when you get inside the door. We recommend that you carefully choose your entrance decor so that the first contact with the customer can be effective. After the display window decoration and the store sign, you can place your products at the front of this stand. The important thing to note here is; if it is possible this booth should to divide the entry road in two but do not block entry.

2) Importance of The Right Side at Entry

According to the sales-oriented store design practice, the part to the right of the entrance door should be evaluated very well. Just like the ads pages in the magazines are usually on the right side. You can also highlight the right side of the entrance door of your store as the second visible area.

3) Lighting on Shopfitting

One of the most important issues in lighting is finding the right light. You may need to apply a few samples to find the right lighting. Shops generally have lighting in three different stages, except for window lighting.

– Called the ambiance lighting; general lighting and ceiling lighting.
– Regional enlightenments covering such areas as store entry, safe box, changing cabinet and customer service department.
– Product lighting that emphasizes store products.

When lighting, you also need to consider the temperature setting of the store. The most general tip we can give you in this regard is to distribute the lighting by taking help from the mirrors.

4) Open a Comfortable Walking Area

One of the important details that should be taken care of in-store design; is to create a circulation space for the customer in the store. Therefore, this detail should be considered when retails joinery works, shelves and sales units are established. Walking and being in a narrow area can negatively affect your customers’ purchasing. You should put your favorite products in front of eyes of your customers via small baskets and stands, while your customers walk around comfortable.

5) Keep Live Your Store’s Cash Desk

One of the most important details is the cash desk. Try to decorate the cash desk part in a very modern and colorful way. Customers already do not like the parts where they will pay money out of their pocket. In this section, the colors and logo of your brand are effective behind the cash desk. We recommend that you use directional bands for the quick and smooth progress of the sequence. Make sure the safe box are as small as possible and do not be seen clearly by the customer (hide them under the desk if possible).

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