We believe that architecture really tells a story that should meet your requirements. Our firm is surrounded by certified consultants, engineers, and architects who can make your goals come to life. With integrated design procedures, we can provide innovative and excellent design solutions that are worthy of your investments.

We are passionate to use architecture contemporary techniques with superb designs that are the best among our valuable clients out there. Contact us now to ascertain the different spatial needs and ideal design solutions that are affordable and sustainable.

Interior Design

One of our philosophies is to provide good interior designs to attain a high functioning ambiance for residential properties and commercial offices. With our commitment, we are able to deliver services that truly address our clients’ criteria.

We are technology-driven and we have design theories that are relevant and responsive to any physical conditions. We offer solutions to provide better experience and huge difference for you.

Master Planning

We are planners, landscape architect, placemaking specialists, and urban designers to deliver holistic services that can address any environment’s planning or designs. Collaborating with our valuable clients, we have innovative and sustainable solutions for you. Our master planning services include design frameworks, sustainability frameworks, planning regulations, and much more.

Sustainable Landscape

Sustainable solutions are one of our primary objectives as an architecture and interior design firm. In fact, we integrate sustainability in our landscape services. We use eco-friendly materials that will give you the peace of mind.

Personal Health

Conserve Water

Create a Habitat for Wildlife

Smart Homes Automation

Have you heard about smart home automation? Do you want to live in a comfortable and high technology property? Worry no more as Furniteca is ready to assist you. You will have an assurance that optimal security and maximum convenience are available. Give us a call today and see how we can transform your home into a smart one.

Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

When looking for furniture, fitting, and equipment, Furniteca is the perfect firm that you can ever have. Our products are highly advanced and especially custom-made for you. By making us as your topmost choice, you have a great decision you will always bear in mind.

Low Energy Design & Carbon Management

As part our sustainable services, we have low energy design and effective carbon management. We use materials from the trusted service providers in the country. We make sure to reach industry standards to make you feel happier and 100% satisfied.