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Furniteca performs a wide range of operations from large hotels to small retailers; from schools to boutique restaurants specializing in furniture, wood, metal and interior design.

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Turkish Furniture are Preferred by More Than 190 Countries

High-quality Turkish furniture products are preferred by more than 190 countries. The export revenue of the Turkish furniture sector is over $ 3 billion. Mediterranean Exporters’ Association noting that 30 percent of furniture exports of Turkey in the area of office furniture. In 2011, the countries that have the largest share of world furniture exports are listed as China, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the USA. Turkey is constantly upgrading its position in this list.

Turkish furniture industry that produces safety, comfortable, functional, aesthetic materials from wood, gradually increases its share in the Turkey economy. Turkish furniture sector report prepared in 2013 by the Ministry of Industry, stated that Turkey has a total market size of $ 9 billion furniture industry.


Turkey; mostly exports to countries such as Libya, Iraq, Germany, Turkmenistan, France, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, England, and Russia. The furniture sector, which exports $ 1.8 billion in 2012, aims to export $ 6 billion in 2023. Turkey’s oldest and one of the most growing sector is furniture sector making production on world standards.

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